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Canvas Oil Paintings

The Beauty of Oil Paintings has been enjoyed for centuries. From the olden times, the use of drying oil mixed with pigments has been used because its sheen and beauty is incomparable to water based pigments. The use of oil provides a different sheen and the oils in the mixture serve as varnishes that create the unique brightness to the painting. Furthermore, canvas oil painting is also known for its volume which only adds to the character of the painting itself.

Although you can really see the growth in popularity of canvas oil paintings during the renaissance it can be traced back to a time as early as the fifth centuries in Afghanistan with Buddhist painting of Chinese and Indian monks. However the true growth of the art form came during the renaissance when religious inspired canvas oil paintings were commissioned by wealthy and powerful supporters of the church.

Although, it may seem like it repressed the way painters painted it provided an influx of money contributed to the growth of the industry of art work. The money that they get from patrons allowed for the growth of craft which has led to the exploration of existing techniques and the experimentation of new ones.

Generally, the artists primarily use paint brushes to apply the oil paint to the canvas. However, there has a progressive ways of applying paint including palette brushes and even rags. There is one general rule that needs to be followed and that is that every additional layer needs more oil than the last and because otherwise it could lead to the cracking of the painting.

The techniques like this has led to many masterpieces from many painters who many consider masters. You can see it in Leonardo Davinci’s work in the Mona Lisa, Raphael’s La Donna Valetta, and many of Rembrandt’s and Van Gogh’s paintings.

Based on what we have seen from the masters, Canvas oil paintings can be very beautiful and magnificent. The wonders of acrylic paintings can only grow as more people try out this form of expression. Although it may seem like people are trying to switch to more convenient painting mediums like the water based colors, the art lives on in people work, old and new.

As time passes on, more and more people are trying on more types of mediums like water colors and acrylic paints but it never takes away the beauty of canvas oil paintings. Consider naking one toay and see how it can work for you.